Al Ain City Tour

  • Day tour of the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain, a UNESCO World Heritage Site
  • Hot springs of Jebel Hafeet and the beauty of the Green Mubazzarah
  • Bustling atmosphere of the Camel Market
  • Most massive Bronze Age complex with ancient relics at the Hili Archaeological Park and Museum
  • Al Ain Oasis
  • The most live Camel Market
  • Lavish lunch at an excellent dining restaurant

Al-Ain City tour-The Garden City

Known as the garden city, Al-Ain is abundant in its greenery and vegetation. The birthplace of UAE’s founding father Sheikh Zayed is lovely and surprisingly full of trees and plants. As a result, Al-Ain is blessed with a pleasant and cold weather, unlike any other emirate. It is also dissimilar to other emirates of the UAE because of an accurate cultural display that blends into the hearts of every traveler. The highlight of Al-Ain, the Jabal Hafeet is the second largest mountain in the UAE. The curved and wavy roads leading up to the mountain is the dream route of every traveler. The breathtaking visuals from the top of Jabal Hafeet are not able to describe verbally and should be seen with one’s own eyes. The hot springs that rush down from the caves of Jabal Hafeet will leave you wondering about the geography and working of mother Earth.

Wander through the world’s largest artificial safari in the Al-Ain zoo which is home to the most exceptional and exotic animals such as the Arabian Oryx, hippos, lions, tigers and other 300 varieties of animals from around the globe. Feed the giraffes with your own hands and learn about Al-Ain’s most interesting cultural history and future through four different galleries in the zoo.

Near the Al-Ain zoo, exists the most greenish park in Al-Ain, the Green Mubazzarah. Walk around between families relaxing with children playing around. Have a peaceful time in the park with Jabal Hafeet seen not far away. The standing out green hue with Jabal Hafeet’s yellowish brown texture is a random break from the sparkly colors of the city.

Another landmark in Al-Ain Asia Pacific is going to take you is the national museum where depictions of the ancient lives of Bedouins and immigrants that lived in 4000 years before are shown with the armaments, jewelry, and other everyday items used by them. Another charm of Al-Ain is the big date plantation and a UNESCO world heritage site. This plantation entails about a 100 varieties of trees that are hundreds of thousands in number.  The cold climate inside the plantation is enriched by the beautiful and ancient irrigation system that brings sparkles to the onlooker’s eyes.

Watch the natives appear in their pickup trucks with their cattle looking for the best deals they can get for their live stocks in the only camel market of its form left in the UAE. Catch a glimpse of the live workings of a camel market and experience the central part of the lives of the locals.

There is much more to get to know in Al-Ain like the Oman borders including Buraimi and neighboring places. Breathe all the fresh air you can while you are in nature’s lap because no other place will give you the satisfaction once you get to know Al-Ain and its greenish posture.

  • A confirmation will be received at the time of booking
  • Pick up and drop off
  • All our tour vehicles are fully insured and equipped with air condition, seat belts, a tracking system, roll bars, and first-aid kits.
  • Well experienced and well-informed tour guides along with expert drivers will be at your service.
  • Littering in Al Ain is a punishable offense
  • Guests Must arrive at the departure point at least 15 minutes earlier
  • Smoking is prohibited in the vehicles or public places.
  • Guests must refrain from public display of affection.
Vital Information
  • Day tour of the beautiful Garden City of Al Ain. Hot springs of Jebel Hafeet.
  • Days of Operation Daily except Fridays and government-declared holidays
  • Duration 6 hours
  • Age Limit No age limit
  • Location Al Ain
  • Timing Starts 7:30 to 8:00 AM | Ends 2:00 to 2:30 PM
  • Dress code Smart casual. Warmer clothes during winter.

Dress Code
Smart and light clothes in summer and jackets or warm clothes in winter are recommended.

Photography of local Arab women, government buildings, and military establishments are prohibited. Be polite and ask permission before taking pictures of strangers.

We reserve the right to cancel or withdraw any activity for reasons beyond our control such as weather conditions or other events of force majeure for which a refund, partial refund or rescheduled date for the tour may be offered. Late arrival will be seen as a 'no show' and will not be provided a refund.



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