Hot Air Balloon

  • A seat-in-coach travel from Dubai to Al Ain, the venue of hot air ballooning.
  • Magical ride over the sprawling deserts of Dubai on a hot air balloon
  • Light refreshments are served after the Hot Air Ballooning trip
  • A Certificate is presented to guests after the Hot Air Ballooning trip
  • Beautiful views of the expansive dunes, oasis, gazelles, and camels from the height
  • Breathtaking view of the sunshine kissing the desert
  • Rare opportunity to take aerial photos of the wide-open desert

High Up In The Sky
Fly over the vast deserts of Al-Ain in a basket that spits fire, the hot air balloon. This familiar piece of gear is not the same if you are on it. We invite you to fly above the desert lands for a good time. Watch how the desert forms and reforms its shape and design from above. Look down on the sand as light as smoke rising with the breeze like water evaporates from a hot kettle. Camels and other desert animals can be seen wandering but never lost.

The distinct and unbelievable features no man can see from the ground level can be seen with great depth and detail from the hot air balloon. The rarely seen phenomena inspire any person who is keen on the perspectives of the desert that are hidden in plain sight. The contrast between the gentle slope of the windward side (the side facing into the wind) and the steep slope of the leeward side (the side facing away from the wind) of dunes are unreal. Feel the aggressive movements of the wind that drives you and gives life to the hot air balloon. Asia Pacific’s hot air ballooning is indeed an eye-opening trip. Every landscape is a thousand times better from a high angle and Asia Pacific’s hospitality makes it even better for you.

  • A confirmation for the hot air ballooning will be ensured at the time of the booking
  • The General Civil Aviation Authority licenses hot Air Ballooning. All balloons undergo a strict maintenance system with regular testing.
  • Professional and international pilots and ground crew for support and fully committed to the safety of the guests
  • Fully insured and safe hot air balloons
  • Children of age two to ten are charged while the hot air ballooning is free for infants.
  • Pickup and drop-off in Dubai
  • The entire Hot Air Ballooning takes almost 4 to 5 hours

Vital Information
  • Magical ride over the sprawling deserts of Dubai on a hot air balloon.
  • Days of Operation Open from 8th September to 31st May
  • Duration 1 hour flight
  • Age Limit No age limit
  • Location Dubai
  • Timing Pickup 3:30 to 4:00 AM | Drop-off after activity
  • Dress code Smart casual. Warmer clothes during winter.
  • Wearing a skirt or clingy clothes can be a hindrance while you get in and out of the air balloon basket.
  • A Sun hat or a cap is recommended during hot air balloon flights for protection
  • Avoid high heeled shoes. Sneakers are recommended.

Dress Code
Simple clothes are best for air balloon flights but for winter season you are recommended to put on some warm sweaters. Avoid skirts that obstruct you from getting in and out of the air balloon basket.

Your hot air ballooning trip can be canceled at any time due to government decisions, public holidays or force majeure. However, clients will be offered the balloon ride on the closest alternative date or a refund can be claimed.



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