Sharjah City Tour

  • Pick up and drop off from Dubai and Sharjah
  • Museum / Heritage Village with over 5000 artifacts
  • Day tour of the remarkable emirate of Sharjah, the Islamic Culture Capital of the world
  • The awe-inspiring architecture of Rulers Old Palace
  • Cultural Foundation
  • The majestic King Faisal Mosque
  • Sharjah University
  • Shop till you drop at the bustling Blue Souq
  • A ride on the Eye of the Emirates Ferris Wheel

Art And Architecture

Known as the cultural city of the United Arab Emirates, Sharjah quenches your appetite for art and its forms. A swamp of artists live and earn their livelihood in Sharjah from all over the world for this reason alone. Asia Pacific takes you through this groovy and creative space and lets your palate fill with artworks and traditional yet modern architectures. Sharjah always thrived to stand out from their counterparts in its fields of expertise which no other emirate can hold up to. The frequent cultural gatherings and exhibitions of artists who live in Sharjah and other places mostly like Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan, are common scenarios for a Sharjah resident. Arabic arts, particularly calligraphy art has made its way up to the top of Sharjah’s cultural heritage and has found its place in international art galleries.

Our tour of Sharjah is a wild peek into the minds of these artists wandering through their creation. Great buildings which look solid in their build and elegant in design are guaranteed to take you to a faraway fairyland. Some of these structures are the ruler’s old palace and the live and conscious Al Makazi market, a design that blends Arabian culture with a tweak of eastern European style that contributed unique possibilities. 

The Sharjah cultural foundation, that presents every two years with its Sharjah biennial located at the heart of Sharjah where artists bring their valuables and exhibit them for the public as they talk about their works as well as their journey, is a principal place to visit. 

Another architectural wonder we have in the pocket for you is the king Faisal mosque, named after a former monarch of Saudi Arabia. The mosque is as old as the stories about it. Built by a Saudi architect, the mosque is a pleasure to watch from afar and nearby. Our journey through the lands of Sharjah will continue from there to the Sharjah University, the heritage village, and the souk. 

Although Sharjah is less verbal about its proud achievements unlike its neighboring cities, the magic involved surpasses everyone’s expectations. Which is why Asia Pacific aspires to take curious tourists like you to ideal spots like Sharjah, a city you will find relishing in a permanent corner of your heart.

  • Your confirmation for the Sharjah City Tour will be done at the time of booking
  • Half-day tour highlighting key landmarks and points of interest in Sharjah like Rulers Old Palace, King Faisal Mosque, Sharjah University, Blue Souq, and others.
  • Proficient and informed tour guide with an experienced driver
  • Vehicles that are equipped with A/C, seat belts, tracking system, roll bars, and first-aid kits.
  • Insured and safe vehicles.
  • Pickup and drop-off in Dubai and Sharjah
  • Bottled Water and Soft Drinks available
  • Littering and Smoking are punishable by law.
Vital Information
  • Day tour of the remarkable emirate of Sharjah, the Islamic Culture Capital of the world
  • Days of Operation Daily
  • Duration Half-day
  • Age Limit No age limit
  • Location Sharjah
  • Timing Pickup: 8:00 to 8:30 AM | Drop-off: 1:00 to 2:00 PM
  • Dress code Smart casual. Warmer clothes during winter.

Dress Code
Ensure that you dress more conservatively. Casuals such as shorts, sleeveless tops, and clingy dresses are discouraged

You are allowed to photograph the sceneries and landmarks. Photography of Arab women, government buildings, and military establishments are strictly prohibited.

The Sharjah city tour can be canceled partly or full for reasons such as weather, government decisions or force majeure for which a refund, partial refund or rescheduled date may be provided to the client.




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